We met the guys in our office, Didar and Zhanagul came to us by the recommendation of their friend. We quickly found a common language, because the guys, like us, would like to push the horizons, get away from stereotypes, and therefore the young people decided to play the wedding of their dreams on the beautiful island of Mauritius. This wedding is one of the most tender event in all the huge practice of our agency.

Almost every day of our joint trip was planned in advance. First stop is the fabulous city of Dubai. The day began with a photo shoot, in parallel also there was videotaking, and at the end of the day - a family dinner at the luxurious Abd Al Wahab restaurant overlooking the singing fountain.

Upon arrival on the island of Mauritius bungee riding was planned and organized.

The project was very interesting to our team, so we tried with great enthusiasm to think through every minute spent on the island, so that our main characters and their families and friends would remember this unforgettable trip. Here is The Last Hero project on the island of Mauritius for your attention.

Without looking at the contents of the coconuts, the teams had to find small letters to the touch and collect the word Love. Well, what was in kakos or who??? – the history will never tell.....)))

Winners award and general team meditation)))

Well, here comes the long-awaited day. Didar and Zhanagul wedding day.

Boating on a white sailboat, with the music of local Creolians, to meet a brighter future under the Didar and Zhanagul fluttering family banner.

Wedding planing is   «Aladdin Event»
Floristry and design is «Aladdin Decor»
Photo and Video filming is  «Aladdin Films»