For whom:

Do you want to learn how to shoot video and make professional video editing?
Do you want to open your own wedding video studio?
Are you an active videographer and want to improve your knowledge?

Welcome to our School of Wedding Videography and Editing!


For members of the club this is a unique opportunity:

1. systematically receive new relevant knowledge and learn from experience
2. organize informal communication and exchange of information between club members
3. invite and listen to famous people who excelled in wedding videography
4. organize contests, interactive events, master classes, forums and have priority conditions for attending such events
5. most importantly, get a huge boost of energy and motivation for personal and professional growth at every meeting


At all meetings:

1. the main topic of the meeting, which will determine the direction
2. speaker-practitioner, who within 3 hours will reveal the topic and give practical knowledge and expert advice based on personal experience
3. a regulated program of the meeting in order to conduct the meeting as efficiently and profitably as possible
4. useful links, files and handouts on the topic
5. inspiration from what you see, hear and understand
6. coffee break, cozy audience and "warm" friendly atmosphere

In the program of the next meetings you will find:

- shooting equipment or what to shoot with?
- choice of a set of lenses (with an explanation of which lens and why we use it)
- work with shoulder rests, tripod, monopod.
- stabilization systems.
- mini-rail systems
- sound (labels, microphones, zoom)
- frame composition basics
- setting shutter speed, aperture, ISO "Practice" work with models.
- choice of locations for filming or where to shoot?
- working with models (how to achieve the desired emotions in the frame)
- staging and reportage shooting.
- song selection
- the ability to shoot in one camera, work in 2.3 cameras
- working with an assistant
- work with light (work with natural light and artificial lighting)
- Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
- editing - where to start, how to build a video sequence.
- preparation of material for installation!
- color correction - principles and methods or how to achieve a “cine-like” look of a picture, plugins, effects.
- project export (formats)
- Doing business, communication with the client, pricing policy, personal meeting.
Where can you advertise effectively? Paid and free methods.
- promotion of your business through the Internet.
- a service contract that will protect you.


Interesting speakers and guests of the club are waiting for you, an analysis of topics of interest to you and answers to your questions!