We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to email our studio manager at aladdinfilmsstudio@gmail.com

You may click on any one of the questions in the “Index of Questions” for a shortcut to the answer.

Who are you?
We are a team of 3 lead videographers and 3 lead photographers. Keeping the team relatively small allows us to achieve quality and consistency. 
Why I should choose you?
- No tax, no hidden fees
- We do not include travel fees up to 100 miles. 
- We accept payments by credit cards, which guarantees the security of financial transactions, in addition, you can make the final payment on the day of the event.
- Our company is insured and we provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) which is often required by event venues.
- We provide the best quality photo and video products in California and can confidently compete with nation's top studios, which is proved by the fact that we have international awards in our industry, we hold courses and master classes for photographers and videographers, it will also be enough to look at our portfolio to be convinced of this.
What is your approach?
Our shooting style: Documentaries about love based on  real events.
Being storyteller at heart, we believe every person deserves for their story to be told.  Therefore, we take pleasure in creating wedding films that depict the genuine atmosphere of the day.
Let's create masterpieces together!
What is the difference between classic and cinematic editing?
Classic editing is done by a single editor in Adobe Premier Pro.
Cinematic editing is carried out in various softwares by three specialists - editor, sound designer, colorist and takes twice as much editing time than classic editing.
Using such professional editing approach, we get a short wedding film with a cinematic effect.
How many pictures do I get?
UNLIMITED: We don't count when we shoot. We are constantly shooting. We capture everything we see. You will get hundreds of good pictures. However, not all weddings are the same. For example, a full day wedding with 150-250 guests and 12+ hours of wedding coverage will yield over 1000+ pictures. A small intimate wedding with 30-50 guests will produce a lot less pictures.
Can I select the songs for my videos?
Absolutely! As a part of our editing workflow, we share with you the website Musicbed.com from where we select our music so that you may browse around and choose your preferred wedding video score.
Each of our clients receives a license for all compositions used in his wedding video and can post these videos on any social networks.
How soon after the wedding will I receive project files and other finished products?
All RAW videos and all edited images, highlight videos, and full-length videos are expected to be delivered within 2 months of the date of the event.
How long before the wedding do I need to order the services of a photographer and videographer?
Our team is focused on creating exclusive creative projects, so we have orders where our entire team is involved.
Therefore, the sooner you have everything planned and communicated, the better your chances of having the Aladdin Films team deal with your project!
My venue is very dark. How does your studio handle these situations ?
We filmed in the darkest reception halls so no need to worry! If the situation permits, we will add additional lighting to get in-focus shots. Some chapels do not allow flash photography; and for this reason we shoot with cameras with excellent low light performance and small aperture lenses.
How is the process of booking and paying for your services?
We will send you a preliminary contract by email for review.
To do this, we need you to fill out the form posted on this site and send an application.
After agreeing with you all the conditions and obligations for the provision of services by our company. We will send you the final version of the contract through the electronic signature system for signing.
After signatured you make a preliminary payment to the business account of our company Aladdin Group LLC.
Also, if necessary, we are ready to meet and discuss the details of the shooting day.
What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?
We never pack up before the contracted time, and moreover, we’re not leaving on the dot when the contracted time is up. Instead, we will ask you at the end of your contracted time whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like us to stay, we will charge the rates specified in your contract.
When should we do our engagement session?
We encourage you to do your engagement session as soon as possible. The latest we suggest is at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding date due to the time necessary to post produce each image and complete your product order(s).